Become a Member

Why become a member of Lighthouse Credit Union?

Lighthouse Credit Union is dedicated to serving our community.  The Jewish community.


Our goal is to provide products and services tailored to meeting our community’s needs. Unlike a bank, a credit union is owned by its customers, who are the members of the union.

Because its members are its owners, a credit union is not solely driven by profits. This means our main focus is on passing along benefits to you, our members. As we grow, we will continue to roll out new products and services that will further benefit our community. As required by law, to access these benefits, our customers must first become members of our credit union. Once a member, you are given entitled access to all products and services that we offer.


Becoming a member of Lighthouse Credit Union is simple. Click here to start a very short online membership application. We are required by law to verify each applicants ID, and so we will need you to provide two pieces of ID. 


As is customary with credit unions around the world, there is one-time membership fee for joining. 


A Lighthouse membership is $18 per member.